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In 2015 the Stampede will be celebrating its 19thAnniversary. It will be our 16thyear as a non-profit event. A private party started the Stampede, with a small group of handpicked volunteers; that came highly recommended. After three years the rodeo was sold to that small group of the volunteers who had helped to start it. That group became the new “Board” with a focused goal; to change the Stampede into a NON PROFIT ORGINAGATION.

With passion, desire and a commitment the “Board” was able to achieve that goal! The “Board’s” goal has always been to give back to the community and outlying areas, not only in the form of moneys but in volunteerism also. Another goal of the Board is to help the community to feel a part of the Stampede.

Here we are sixteen years later, the passion, desire and commitment remains stronger than ever. The passion we believe comes from the wide and varied background of the Board. Each member brings their own strength and talent to the effort. On the “Board” there are people who have actually participated in the sport of Rodeo, and those who judge Rodeo and Team Penning competitions.

We have a number of small business owners on the Board. We also have members whose job description is Supervisor or Manager in there other job. Oh and let’s not forget those with Accounting backgrounds. There is also a past Rodeo stock contractor on our Board. Some of the Board members have been involved in Event planning for years. We as a “Board” have learned a number of lessons over the years. These lessons have brought growth and change for us both as a “Board” and as an Event. We would like you to know that we remain committed to growing the event with a focus on families, the community, and you the businesses that support it!

The Stampede Board would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, volunteers, and the community. With your support this rodeo has become a major event in Stayton/Sublimity area and well beyond, so we can’t say thank you enough!


Dean Blades

Jim Crozier

Jim Hight

Ty Harron

Jay Justis

Corky Justis

Graydon Justis

Tim Miotke

Jamie Peterson

Guy Scott

Sue VanHandel


President - Tim Miotke

Vic President – Jim Hight

Secretary – Sue VanHandel

Treasurer- Jamie Pedersen

Past President – Dean Blades


Pat Crozier
Tadd Humphreys
Karen Kennard
Chris Petersen
Judy Scott
Bob Hartmann* Deceased


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