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queen 15Queen Cheyenne Ward is the 24 year old daughter of Jeff and Tracy Ward of Vancouver Washington. Cheyenne grew up participating in local horse shows, paint horse shows and spent 10 years in horse 4H. In 2016 Cheyenne held the title of Miss Vancouver Rodeo Queen. She graduated with honors from Washington State University-Vancouver with a bachelors degree in Digital Technology and Culture. She currently works as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist at a large medical clinic. Cheyenne actively promotes science and technology to youths.


Cheyenne is very honored to be welcomed into the Sublimity community with her 2017 title as Miss Santiam Canyon Stampede. Throughout her rein thus far she has met the most memorable individuals. From library visits to school barbecues, she has had an amazing time promoting the sport of rodeo to the town’s youth. She’s even learned some great life tips along the way. For example “You don’t have to out run a bear while bear hunting. You just have to out run your dad”. She’s also received some pretty expert tips about how to ride a horse “Rule number one, make your horse go where you want it to. Rule two, don’t let it buck.”


Outside of the rodeo arena Cheyenne enjoys spending time with family and friends. Of course the majority of her family has four legs. Her very favorite family member is Jayde, her bay paint horse. Jayde had to sit this rodeo season out because she is currently pregnant, but she still gets just as many cookies. At rodeos and parades Queen Cheyenne can be seen riding a palomino quarter horse named Jonesy who often fondly goes by “Potato”. Jonesy is being loaned to Cheyenne by her best friend and chaperone Mckenzie. If you see a tall blonde running in the parking lot, it’s Mckenzie running back for Cheyenne’s sash because the queen forgot it in the truck.


Queen Cheyenne enjoys spending time with her human family members as well. Her mother Tracy sews all of her rodeo attire, so she likes to help her mom with the process. Although her mom might say the help often means Cheyenne drawing with the chalking pencil instead of cutting fabric. Cheyenne and her father enjoy taking the boat out fishing when they have a free weekend. This is also their family dogs, two chocolate labs, favorite activity. Her father Jeff is accredited with getting Cheyenne into horses. When she was little all she wanted in life was a swing set. She would have traded the world for a swing set but her dad said a swing set was too expensive. Not long after she decided that a horse would fill the void of no swing set and along came her first horse. Her dad always advices new fathers to buy swing sets now.


Queen Cheyenne would like to give a huge thank you to all the rodeo sponsors that have made the Santiam Canyon Stampede possible. She would also like to thank the rodeo board from the bottom of her heart for welcoming her and her family into their amazing rodeo family. She sends a warm welcome and thank you to all the rodeo fans for attending the 2017 Santiam Canyon Stampede!





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